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Dirk Willems‚̏}‹³
Dirk Willems here turns around to save his persecutor's life; was then captured, imprisoned, and burned outside Asperen, AD 1569

Martydom of Dirk Willems

Dirk Willems was running away from a papist persecutor over the ice of a pond. Suddenly, he heard a voice crying for help. Seeing the persecutor braking through the ice, Dirk turned back, and saved him. The persecutor wanted to let him go, but the burgomaster did not allow to do so. Dirk was thrown into a secure prison, and burned. Asperen, Holland, AD 1569.

I upload one essay. You can find it in archive.

Picture of Dirk Willems is from Martyr's Mirror © by Herald Press.
Used by permission.
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